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Posted on: May 18, 2009

Rolling stone shoot

Rolling stone shoot - Don't know why this is so alluring

Okay as some of you readers know by now, I just don’t understand the hysteria around Mr. Robert Pattinson. I didn’t get it at all when I first saw the movie, (Twilight Movie Review Here)heck I didn’t even know who he was. Then after doing my review of the Twilight Sound Track(soundtrack blog here), my respect for the man went up quite a bit because of his singing/song writing ability, (well based off of the songs “Let Me Sign” and “Never Think”) So, I said I would do a little research to figure out how talented this guy really was, and this is what I have found.

picture taken from MTV awards. I could not find a source on this other than google.

picture taken from MTV awards.pfrazer harrison-getty images

Ok, so Robert Pattinson (aka RPattz) is 23 years old from London. Apparently he had some voice coaching to get the accent out of the Edward Cullen character, which is a shame, that would have made him sexier.  I did actually find a couple of pictures that he actually looked good in (or at least in my point of view) but he did have the whole messy hair 2 day beard growth, lookin kind of grungy like he just rolled out of bed, look going.  I just can’t get into the “pretty boy” look, sorry don’t mean to offend anyone out there that does. Besides, the personality of a person really brings out if they are attractive or not. The pictures that I have posted are the ones that I find Robert Pattinson either attractive or somewhat so.  As far as song writing, I haven’t found anything that I can confirm he actually wrote other than what was on the Twilight sound track. I did however find some recordings that were posted on YouTube and wow…this boy can actually sing. I actually prefer the drunken singing in the pubs over the recorded stuff on the album. I like the huskiness in the voice, and the mess-ups. Gives it just a bit more personality.  And when he chuckles in a couple of the songs, it is kinda cute. I still don’t see myself dreaming of the man, but, he has defiantly gained more respect points.

The songs that I have found are

“I Was Broken” written by Marcus Foster – all I can say is damn, well written song. I could write something explicit about my feelings toward good song writers but I’ll try and keep it clean. All I can say is that I will definitely be researching this Marcus Foster guy, my tongue is hanging out of my mouth for him and I don’t even know what the guy looks like.

“I’ll Be Your Lover Too” originally by Van Morrison – I must say, I used to love Van Morrison’s version, but Robert has put this song on a new level and I can’t stand to hear the van Morrison version any more, and I like Van Morrison. But kudos to Robert for making it his own and improving it.

“Stray Dog”  written by Robert Pattinson I guess, I came across a few of the thousands of Robert Pattinson fans sights, and a couple mentioned that he wrote it, but I cannot get an actual confirmation on that from the web, so I’ll go with it for now and give him a couple of extra respect points.

“To Roam” supposedly also written by Robert Pattinson, but yet again, I can’t find out anything for sure. This is song really doesn’t do much for me, I’m not saying it sucks because parts of it are cool, but not my favorite I’ve heard by him by any means.

Cosmo Girl shoot

Cosmo Girl shoot

So, let’s face the facts, Robert Pattinson does have some major talent where singing is concerned. I haven’t heard enough of his music to know about the song writing skills, even assuming that “Stray Dog” and “To Roam” are his creations. But outlook does look good in that aspect.

Unfortunately, I’ve now read enough about the guy to come to other conclusions about him that have nothing to do with his singing/song writing, but most of that is probably hype, which is another reason why I really don’t dig actors. I’ve never met a single actor that was a truly nice, caring person. I’m not saying that Robert is not nice or caring, I dont know him so I can’t say that. But to group everyone I’ve met with the same caliber of hype, things dont look good. But I would love to be proven wrong on that, I really would. It would give me some hope for the world.

As far as his interviewing, he seems like a sweet shy boy from down the block for the most part. I did have the chuckle at “I’m afraid I’m going to ruin their lives” he quoted when asked about dating. Oh PLEASE, give me a break, with all the hype that is currently around this man, he could probably help a girls career out. (Thinking in my own head what those careers would probably be based upon my guess of what he finds attractive in a woman, by the women he surrounds himself by, but keeping the not so nice comments to myself :D)

I don’t know the man personally, nor have I ever met him or intend to meet him, so I cannot judge his personal character, I can only go by what I have seen with the all of the f*cking pictures(really, how many pictures can you take of a single person? really I think I saw 100 photos of him just sitting there eating, how does that happen???), interviews, and video’s I’ve seen of the man. And

GQ Shoot

GQ Shoot - this one is just yummy

after all of this, I still really don’t get it. I don’t get why everyone is so googoo over this guy. Sure he can look attractive at times. I know he is young, which may be putting me off a bit (I do tend to go for the older guys) but I’m just missing something. What am I missing??
Okay, here is the links to the other blogs on the British Threesome   Marcus FosterBobby LongSam Bradley


14 Responses to "Robert Pattinson"

Well I normally don’t comment on many blogs but this for some reason I find you blogs funny. I think Rob is totally hot and I have actually talked to Rob once and he is really nice. If you ever get the chance you should talk to him too. Not everyton has the same taste in men but Rob is really great.

Will you do a write up on Jackson Rathbone, he has a band too.

I have to admit as a avid gig goer and festival nut,I have seen many live bands and solo acts and i do like robert pattinsons voice, and i think if he gave up acting and decided to do music he would do well. I can imagine him playing in a tent in Glastonbury or playing on Radio 1 (UK) live Lounge which would be great if they could talk him into it. Plus you always find the best acts in pubs on open mike nights.

i don’t think it’s him that everyone’s obsessed with. It’s his character, it’s edward. all the girls fell in love with edward in the book (read them and you’ll understand) and they simply put his image into what they fell in love with and TA-DAH! instant mania for robert [=

yes I have read the books, but I’m still not getting it. Maybe because In my head I have completely different image of Edward than Rob. I don’t know, I’m still confused by it all.

I completely agree with you here. i watched the movie b4 i read the books. i didn’t really understand the movie but the books were great. i was stuck in my own lil world for a few weeks. i guess (sorry to say it) but i imagined edward to be soo much…..better. Robs cute and all but in the book Edward is….well it’s hard to put into words but i’m sure you know what i mean. Poor guy. i’m sure his life is hell with all the teenyboppers chasing him around.

[…] to hear his voice). He also casually comments about how he likes to write with his friend Rob (Robert Pattinson), and of course he wants to know more about the caller, “what do you do, where do you […]

rob is alri lukin nd al bu edward OMFG EZ A SXC FUK I lovee youu robert nd u act DEDLI Bite me plz i wnt ta b wi u FOREVER . . . iloveeyouu!. . x

Definitely love Rob’s music, and also I think he’s hilarious:

i luv rob’s music idk why i just do and i also think the attention he’s getting is completely over the top but i think everyone just luvs him because he plays edward cullen which, if u read the books u would understand. i luv the twilight series but i agree rob pattinson is just a guy with talent.

I love robert you.(seni seviyorum robert):)

i love hear his voice, his music is soo good.
i’ll hope in New Moon he’s sings with Kristen !!!!!!!!

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